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Q: How does SUPERWOMAN Bodyshaper work? 

SUPERWOMAN’s Bodyshaper are developed to target at the common problem areas faced by women The unique weaving of fabric worked with your natural body movement, micro massaging, promoting blood circulation on skin and fat tissue thus reducing unhealthy fat growth also known as cellulite. Using high elasticity fabric, it helps to sculpt and slenderize your body. When wearing it on, they act as a resistant to your body movement helping you to burn extra calories unwittingly.
Q: How is SUPERWOMAN Bodyshaper different from other shape wear on the market today? 
While some shape wear can provide you short term and instant slimmer silhouette effect, SUPERWOMAN Body Shaper also fight cellulite improving your skin in the in a long run and helps in losing weight by burning fat calories. 
Q: How long will it take for me to see results using SUPERWOMAN Body Shaper?  

Best results are seen when the garments are worn for at least 8 hours a day. You can wear it going to work, exercise, and sleeping.  Users can start experiencing glower skin and weight reduction in 30 days while maintaining healthy and balanced diet and exercise.
Q: What does TriAction mean?
TriAction refers to:

Shaping Up
Uniquely designed to shape and tone our body by concealing unpleasant bulges on specific parts of body through the fabric compression effect.

Through friction between body movements to bodyshapers, micro-massaging has taken effect. The dermis layer of fat is injected with healthier blood circulation. This will prevent disorderly fat build up that is known as cellulite or orange peel.

Fat-Burning and Water Retention Reduction
The compression effect can effectively drain fluid from body tissue to our lymphatic system. 
The high resistant elasticity makes muscles work harder during natural movement, like walking or climbing stairs which in turn allow us to burn more calories.
Q: Can I wear SUPERWOMAN Bodyshaper while I sleep? 
Although still effective if worn when sleeping, we’d recommend you wear it during the day, even when exercising, when your body movement, flow of blood and bodily fluids is at its peak. 
Q: What should I do if I miss a day wearing SUPERWOMAN Body Shaper? 
If you happen to miss a day of wearing SUPERWOMAN Body Shaper, just continue the routine on the next day as usual. There’s no need to wear it for longer the next day to make up for the lost day.
Q: Is it safe for me to use SUPERWOMAN Bodyshaper when pregnant or breast-feeding? 
Depending on the item of SUPERWOMAN Body Shaper, it is best you can check with your physician if you are suitable to wear for and how long.
Q: I have a medical condition. Is it safe for me to use SUPERWOMAN Bodyshaper? 
So far there is no evidence that wearing SUPERWOMAN Body Shaper is harmful to users with medical condition. For skin sensitive conditions, it is best to check with your physician if you are suitable to wear and for how long.
Q: What is the shape wear made of?
SUPERWOMAN Body Shaper primarily is made with Polyamide and Spandex.
Q: Can I wear my underwear underneath the shape wear? 
Wearing underwear does not interfere with the efficacy of the garment.
Q: How many SUPERWOMAN Bodyshaper garments should I have? 
We recommend you to have at least two garments so that you can interchange for washing.
Q: Will washing affect the properties of SUPERWOMAN Bodyshaper? 
If washed correctly, the fabric will keep its elasticity and weaving in place to maximize the TriAction effects. Please refer to care instructions in FAQ.
Q: How do I wash and care for my SUPERWOMAN Bodyshaper garment? 
Hand wash or Machine wash cold, gently cycle with like colors. Only non-chlorine bleach needed. Line dry do not iron.